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Turn Your House into a Lush Green Oasis this Summer

Plants are a big element of the interior design trend for 2022. In many households, combining outdoor and indoor spaces has become the new norm, especially following a two-year pandemic that compelled us to stay indoors. The yearning to be outside has evolved into a trend of bringing the outdoors inside. Now that spring is winding down and summer is on the horizon, bringing nature inside is more appealing than ever. Let's turn your home into a lush green haven for a more relaxing summer!

by KOIN Indonesia

Biophilia is the desire to connect with nature and other living things that are inherent in humans. As an extension of Biophilia, Biophilic design incorporates natural materials, natural sunshine, plants, nature views, and other natural world experiences into the modern built environment. Plants and natural materials are simple to incorporate into your house. It's not easy to make your home appealing while also bringing nature inside.

Bringing plants into your home has its benefits. Plants can help in reducing your stress level. They can help you recover faster from an illness and may boost your productivity. Furthermore, those plants can help to improve the quality of indoor air. There are design interior styles that incorporate plants and at the same time, can make your home looks good. This article will look at interior designs that bring nature into and make it look beautiful and appropriate for summer.



Invented by Justina Blakeney in 2009, the Jungalow style focuses on comfort and coziness with a bold expression of color. Plants are a big part of the Jungalow design. Bright colors and vibrant botanical prints, layered linens, worldly accent items, as well as unusual, cheap finds and, as previously said, lots of plants, are all part of the Jungalow style. Incorporating characteristics of your personality and travels is the key to establishing the Jungalow style. The four simple features of this design aid you in creating the Jungalow style in your own home. Opt for bright colors and floral patterns, incorporate global finds, unique pieces, or thrift shop discoveries. Lastly, choose plants that make a statement.

Desert Modern


Desert modern is a minimalist mood, drawing inspiration from modern design, bohemian design, and desert landscapes. When decorating in this style choose plants that naturally grow in the desert. While JUngalow thrives on bright colors and bold patterns, Desert Modern compose of a neutral color palette with dashes of desert colors such as terracotta, deep cactus green, and agave silver-blue color.

Tropical Interior Design

Surrounding yourself with this design scheme is one way to indulge your tastes in exotic lands. Tropical interior design emphasizes natural, exotic elements. When it comes to tropical furniture, you want to go with rattan pieces, some cane furniture, or bamboo furniture. Put a palm tree in your home to add more of the tropical vibe. If this isn't possible, tropical leaf themes such as banana leaves, palm leaves, or other tropical leaf patterns sprinkled throughout will suffice.


Plants are the best partner for our home furniture. Furthermore, the environmental issue has been a global issue for us now. By putting plants in our homes, we already contribute to making better air.

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