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About Us

Begins with the longing to bring Indonesia's name to the International scene and the passion for the preservation of traditional craftsmanship, KOIN was established in 2017. That passion resonated deeply to explore natural fibers material and finally until 2021 KOIN has more than 200 home industries across Central Java and Cirebon. KOIN dedicates its production activities to handmade natural home decoration products, namely baskets, lampshades, rugs, wall decorations, and furniture made of rattan and wood with Indonesia's heritage in design, innovation, and craftsmanship.


With a capacity of 3 warehouses owned by 2021, KOIN is increasingly steady in supplying its products to importers, distributors, retailers, hotel, and office projects around the world. To this day, KOIN has exported its products to the Middle East, European, and American market.


As a family company, we are certain that the key to a lasting business relationship is transparency. Information is needed by our clients regarding the materials used to the manufacturing process is always an important topic in the early stages of introducing our products. This increases the level of trust and confidence in the quality of our final products. Furthermore, we love to develop new designs and product variations to meet the market needs for Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas collections.


In addition, we periodically carry out internal inspections of warehouse conditions to ensure a stable temperature to maintain the quality of the products to be shipped and also applying antifungals to each of our products to make them immune to all possible weather changes.

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