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4 Reasons Why Natural Materials are Superior

Everyone surely wants to have a well-decorated home. Nowadays, the choices we have when it comes to home decor items seem endless. The dynamic trend changes are resulting in a wide variety of styles and materials used to produce home decor items. Among those varieties, natural materials came on top as one of the most popular. But they have been used as the core material for furniture before, so why are they becoming popular now?

By KOIN Indonesia

The love for natural materials stems from the love of nature and the limited access we get while the Earth is trying to heal itself during the global pandemic. We believe it’s one of the contributing factors in putting natural materials back in the game. Besides, compared to handmade material, natural material furniture always stood out, and you just can’t go wrong with them. Listed below are the benefits we get from choosing natural materials over manmade ones.

1. Gorgeous, Stylish, and Timeless


There is no copying in nature. Every tree, stone, and even leaf is different from one another. When you compare natural materials such as wood and rattan to sterile plastic or metal furniture, you can easily see which is more inviting. A big part of the allure of natural decor is its rich texture and raw vibe. These rustic items add to the atmosphere, giving it a warm, cozy feel.

2. Versatile and Varied


Natural elements come in an endless variety of items. There are so many ways to use natural elements in home decoration that you’re sure you will find something you like. It could be as small as a drink placemats, to a king-sized bed; from including more plants in the home to using wicker baskets instead of plastic storage baskets.

3. Sustainable

By KOIN Indonesia

Yes, by now we are all aware of how lovely and flexible natural materials are. They get even better with their sturdiness. Not to mention that they are also sustainable, which are good for the environment, our people, and our planet in general. Unlike handmade materials that will be on this earth forever, natural products always find their way back into the environment. Thus, they are eco-friendly and will make our home looks warm.

4. Great for improving your health


Having too many artificial products in a home is not good for our health. All of these toxins and chemicals, can be given off and cause adverse health impacts. While natural materials need to be processed somewhat so they can function as furniture, the reduction in toxins is significant.

There you have it!

Now you know how much good nature brings us. Even after they went through some process and become beautiful homeware, furniture, or decor items, they are still able to provide so many benefits. No wonder that nowadays, natural items are steadily rising in popularity and it seems like this trend won’t die down anytime soon.

Have you made any changes in your furniture or home decor choices lately? How does it affect your surrounding environment? Let us know your experience down in the comment section below.

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