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5 Essentials You Need for an Unforgettable Summer Entertainment

By KOIN Indonesia

It wasn’t so long ago that outdoor entertaining meant a picnic in the park and if you are entertaining at home, it meant throwing hamburgers on the backyard grill. Thanks to today’s growing trend of outdoor kitchens and rooms with all the comfort of interior spaces, backyard parties have become much more sophisticated.

Summer means it is time to kick back, relax and soak up the sun with your nearest and dearest. Sunny days and long nights call for projector movie nights, outdoor date nights, and poolside hangs. If you are planning to host your own parties this summer, make sure you and your backyard are ready for every occasion. Here are some tips to prepare your backyard for your next outdoor entertaining this summer.

1. Set the mood with beautiful lighting arrangements.


Lighting is one of the most affordable and effective ways of transforming your outdoor entertaining area. There’s a wide variety of options to accommodate the mood and vibe that you’re looking for. Even some basic candles or lanterns can contribute a huge amount to the ambiance of your outdoor entertaining area. Lighting is especially important if you want your party to last until late into the night.

2. Have a comfortable seating area


Having a comfortable seating area for your guests is essential, especially if you plan on entertaining a lot of people at once. One thing that you have to pay attention to is the balance between seating space and open space. You want your guest to be able to spread out, rather than all being stuffed into one small area. Make sure your outdoor furniture is made of durable material that can survive the heat, cold, and rain.

3. Add Shades to improve your outdoor space


It’s important to consider how you are going to use your outdoor space. Adding a patio or pergola not only improves the appearance of your outdoor space but also increases the value of your house and protects you and your guests from uncomfortable weather conditions.

4. Create an alfresco dining area


An outdoor dining area allows you to dine, entertain and connect with your friends and family. Outdoor dining is also perfect for parties, especially if you throw large dinner parties often.

5. Add fresh plants


Since you are outdoors, embrace the beauty that nature provides us with. Use the greenery to your advantage and use colorful pot plants and decorative planters to enhance them. These plants can make your space feel fresh, welcoming, and more immersed in nature.

Those are our reference to have a summer decoration vibes. What else do you need us to explore for the next article? Fill it in the comment section!

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