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Bring New Energy With Colors!

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

KOIN Indonesia

Neutral colors such as whites and greys, earthy tones, nature-inspired greens, and natural wood colors are good examples of a long-lasting trend that seem everlasting. Everyone loves neutral tones even nobody seems to grow tired of it. But even the best, most used color scheme needs some splash of color to make it looks alive and appealing to the eyes.

It's not surprising that when 2022 rolled around, demand for those brighter hues was slightly higher because we had learned to love bolder, braver colors throughout 2021. Even with the most beloved shades in the home interior, there must come a time when we desire to bring color to our homes. Instead of grey and cream and white, we will see more energetic shades like pinks and yellows.

While many people choose to stay safe with the tried and true neutral shades, some people are brave enough to make big decisions in their homes by painting their walls with bold colors. Some others opt for a more low-key approach by opting for painted furniture and home decor items instead. And then there are those who will go above and above to incorporate color into their homes to the point where there isn't a space left untouched by vibrant, upbeat hues.

Here are some inspirations if we still think about revamping our abode with colors, but don’t want to commit in a big way yet.

1. Display Our Ceramic Collection

KOIN Indonesia

If we have some ceramic wares in your possession, whether artisan ceramics or regular ceramic wares, sift through them. After some sifting, we will find that some of our ceramic wares appear to have a similar color scheme. Group those ceramic wares based on their colors. Instead of hiding them in your cabinets, we can always display them. All we need to do is gather your colorful ceramic collections and slime them up on an open shelf if we have one in our kitchen. Alternatively, we can keep them in a glass door cabinet. This way our ceramic wear will be free from dust at the same time, and they can make a pretty feature out of our kitchen storage.

2. Make Organizing More Exciting with Cheerful Baskets

KOIN Indonesia

Baskets are one decorative item that has been a favorite for as long as we can remember. Nowadays, baskets made from natural materials are all the rage. We will find one in almost every photo in a shelter magazine, and they come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Black and white are the most common color combination used in different natural baskets. Lately, the selection of natural baskets has expanded and become more diverse. The natural tones of the materials used to make the basket are mixed with more bright hues. These added colors are also adding a new design to the common shape of a basket.

With these colorful baskets, not only do we have additional storage in whatever room we want, but we do also have a decorative item that looks good and is eye-catching with how vibrant they are.

3. Put Up a Gallery Wall


Another exciting way to add some colors to our home is by putting up a Gallery Wall. If we want to hang a bunch of pieces but still want a tonal- cohesive look, try a gallery wall setup that works within a tightly edited color palette. In addition to painting or art pieces, we can add photographs in similar frame styles and colors. In doing so, it will help us achieve cohesiveness between all the different arts and photos on the curated display.

4. Do the Unexpected

Source by KOIN Indonesia

Now, if adding some items to your home is not something that we intend to do, there is always another option that we can do. Such as painting our ceiling. It could be a risky business, but when it is done right, painting our ceiling will be worth it. Adding some colors by making an accent wall in our home is another way we can do to incorporate some colors. Choose a color that will provide the desired mood but still be cohesive with the rest of the room. If we have difficulty choosing a color, we can check out the color wheel before we make our choices. Understanding color theory will also help us in landing a decision easier.

Colors not only add personality to our home but also can give our room a positive mood. There are a lot of other methods that we can do to add colors to our room. Those mentioned above are just a handful of examples that we can easily do.

How do you incorporate colors in your home? Share your experience and methods down in the comment section down below. Use color to bring new energy into your house.

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