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Christmas Decoration Tips

by KOIN Indonesia

When it comes to one of the most anticipated holidays, Christmas is one that comes to mind. Celebrated worldwide by numerous different ethnicities, languages, and geographical conditions, it is normal to have different traditions surrounding the holiday. Almost every place has its customs, and every family has their spin on traditional customs. Some staple food items will always be present on the dining table, there may be some activities that a family always does on Christmas day, and some other customs that are always there on the Christmas day celebration. Your next-door neighbor might have a different Christmas tradition than you, but that is okay because there is no right or wrong way to celebrate Christmas.

Just like we all celebrate the holidays a little bit differently, there is no one right way to decorate for Christmas. The trend around Christmas, just like any other trend, is always changing. It doesn’t have to be always all red and green, all pine trees and bulb decor. With individuality being one of the predicted decor trends next year, you no longer have to follow the norm and just set your creativity free.

By this time of the month, there already are various tips and inspirations for Christmas decor. Here is some Christmas decor that we find interesting to help you decide on your decor if you haven’t done it yet.

by KOIN Indonesia

Christmas with sustainability in mind

One thing that we should remember is the environmental concern even during the holiday. Sustainability nowadays has become a lifestyle instead of just a mere trend. People are a lot more considerate toward planet earth and they tend to choose the greener alternatives for what they usually do. Like this trend right here that choosing to use sustainable materials instead of plastic. Paper and other plant-based materials are evidently more environmentally friendly and are one of the top material choices for sustainability. This Christmas, make your home festive without making the earth suffer.

Let Nature take a bigger part in Christmas

There is a permanent nature element that is always present during Christmas. You guessed it, Christmas tree. Coming from real trees like Fir, Spruce, Pine, and so on, real Christmas trees indeed came from nature. But the tree alone is not enough. To make the most of this trend, skip the faux greenery in favor of forested foliage. Instead of imitation ornaments that would end up in the bin once the Holiday passed, integrate pine cones, acorns, berries, and twigs into DIY garlands, wreaths, and ornaments. If DIY is not something that you do, simply scatter these bits of nature among the house, on top of table settings will easily add a little organic charm to your Christmas decor.

Bring on the element of Nostalgia

Our hectic lives have brought about nostalgia for simpler times, and this is reflected in the trend of holiday decor that nods toward yesteryear. Thanks in part to today’s emphasis on secondhand and sustainability, vintage Christmas decorations are more popular than ever. You don’t need to run to the thrift store to buy specific Christmas-themed antiques. Using existing vintage decor that you already have combined with newer holiday finds will do just fine. Also, before you go to the store to pick some new decor items, better check your storage for last year's Christmas decor. Who knows, you might find some that you still love.

Steer Clear from Traditional Reds and Greens

As much as we love reds and greens, it is also fun to switch things up sometimes by incorporating different hues. Jewel tones are one of the top Christmas color trends in 2022. Pick deep ornaments with deep blue hues, pinks, and purple. What makes this trend more exciting is the fact this easily becomes the perfect opportunity to introduce Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023 “Viva Magenta” into your home.

Christmas All-Around

Celebrating Christmas at home is usually centered around the living room and we have seen it all. The decked-out living room with giant Christmas trees, present boxes scattered on the bottom of it, and a decorated mantel with socks hanging just above the fireplace. Yes, it will charm your guests, but it will only stop there if you neglect the rest of your home. This year, try to bring Christmas decorations throughout your home. Add smaller pieces of Christmas decorations to unexpected places such as the kitchen, doors, windows, reading nooks, etc. Make sure the Christmas festivities are felt all over your home.

One thing that is certain in this year’s trend is that sustainability is the heart of many of those trending styles. If you are still considering the theme and style for your Christmas Decorations for later this month, there are plenty of ideas on how to include nature in your Christmas decorations. This is different from the previous trends where they always use something new, something manufactured, and probably won’t be used again the next year. While the traditional way is still well-loved, the younger generations are starting to choose a more modern approach to celebrate the centuries-old Christmas Celebration.

by KOIN Indonesia

Let us know how you decorate your home for Christmas in the comment below and see if your decor choices are included in the trend!

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