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Color Trends 2023

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

As we enter the last 3 months of the year, we are starting to wonder about the trend that will take over next year. Each gall, paint companies, and interior design experts predict the colors that will shape our homes in the coming year. If you still remember, back-to-nature shades of green have dominated 2022. The year 2023 is believed to be all about self-expression.

For 2023, the trend is to just go with what you love, create rooms filled with colors that reflect your style, and give you an uplift every time you enter them. To get a better glimpse into what color trends we can expect to see next year, we scoured the internet to get people’s take on what colors will be big in the new year.

Here are the color trends looks like for 2023:



Pantone just announced this December that Viva Magenta is the color of the year in 2023. We believe you've heard of this color. For over 25 years, the color-matching organization has been entrusted with selecting a shade that, based on its vast cross-disciplinary examination of important hues in art, fashion, design, and beyond, not only captures the zeitgeist but sets the tone for the next year, 2023. The Pantone Color Institute's selection is formed to represent the most recent trends in fashion, cosmetics, technology, design, and home décor. It also functions as a mood ring, with colors picked to reflect the current emotion. Even though many color experts still have different other colors that can be the color of the year in 2023, viva magenta still is the first pick of many websites.



Well-loved by so many people and designers alike, earth tones are here to stay in 2023. These hues have a more bohemian and mid-century modern feel. Shades such as muted terracotta, green, yellow, and plum will be popular choices for wall paint, furniture, and home decor.

Sherwin-Williams has introduced their Color of the year which is a perfect example of what shade of earth tones will be popular in 2023. They picked “Redend Point”, a soulful blush-beige that builds on the earthy tones consumers have been loving.


Dunn-Edwards blends brown and burgundy for a rosy pink that works as both grounding neutral and a delicate accent and the touch of terracotta makes their 2023 color of the year work as a neutral background or as an accent color. As cited from, Terra Rosa highlights living a life filled with joy and finding beauty in everyday small pleasures. The grounding quiet comfort of terra rosa provides a touch of pettiness with the influence of pink, yet it can still create drama with its deep value.



We saw designers and homeowners get more comfortable experimenting with strong, dark hues throughout 2022, and designers predict that trend to continue into the New Year. Dark hues have a depth to them that a pastel or neutral cannot match. So they are creating these satisfying designs that are a treat for the eyes.

Rich colors like chocolate brown, brick red, and dark jade will have their moment in 2023. Krylon chose Spanish Moss as their color of the year for 2023, a deep forest green that pays homage to nature. It may be balanced with both warm and cold accents since it is rooted in the regenerating vitality of green.


As the nods to nature continue to be popular, Tranquil Teal, the color of the year from Glidden Paint by PPG works well with both contemporary and classic styles. The blue-green jewel tone will pair nicely with wood finishes, stone accents, and rich textures for a room that borrows from the outdoors.



The color trends have gone from all-white to warm neutrals, and in 2023 we will be warming up to those neutrals even more. Behr’s choice of their color of the year, “Blank Canvas” is further evidence that stark whites and grays will take a back seat to warmer whites and beiges this year. This warm white with creamy yellow undertones can learn into a neutral color palette and just the same, be paired with bright, bold colors for a more vibrant space.

Dutch Boy also selected a charming neutral with a slight red undertone that is designed to ‘add a touch of sophistication, and the hue in question is “Rustic Greige”. This color is inspired by the craving for safety and harmony around the home. It is about retreating to a calmer, simple lifestyle inspired by the peace and clarity of tones derived from nature.



Some sources forecasted that Pantone’s color of the year for 2023 will be Digital Lavender, which is a light pastel purple, and designers say the pastel trend will make its way to home decor. With this trend surging, we can assume that pastel colors will make it to the color trend for 2023.

Wild Wonder by Dulux is a perfect example of the pastel shades that are about to be big next year. In light of the recent time of upheaval, the pale yellow hue is defined as "a delicate gold with undertones of green," and it relates to people's yearning for a stronger connection to nature and greater mental health.


Valspar is also jumping into the pastel trend by including two colors in its Colors of the year. One is Gentle Violet (Picture below on the left), which is a white softened by violet, this shade is said to embody harmony inspired by digital connectivity. And the second one is Rising tides (picture below on the right), a light blue with a dose of softness, used as a fresh neutral with the uplifting qualities of a modern pastel.

According to our digital source, it seems that warmer neutral is ready to take over the cooler neutral shades and the new year is encouraging you to express yourself freely by including bolder colors in your home.

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