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Décor Tips - Bohemian Vibe & Coastal Homes

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

One thing the boho and coastal homes never lacks is TEXTURES. - Adding testure to your room can be achived in so many ways.

  1. Decorative Baskets. Whether using them for storage or as decorative accents, baskets complement nearly an aesthetic.

  2. Planters. Use planters that made of different kinds of materials, such as rattan, water hyacinth, banana leaf, seagrass, sisal, etc.

  3. Wall Décor. Do not forget about your walls! Wall hangings made from natural material and macramé could help to elevate your boho vibe even more.

  4. Natural Viber Rugs. What better things to help tie your whole room together other than a nice, beautiful Natural Fiber Rugs.

  5. Handmade Natural Furniture. Boho and coastal home decor are relaxed and comfortable. Wood or rattan chairs can help in bringing these vibe alive in your space.

  6. More on The Wall! Do not be shy away from patterns and colors. Boho decor loves bold colors and patterns.

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