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How to Build a Sustainable Home

People slightly getting their flexibility to go out again, right on time to enjoy the bright sunny days and warmer weather that call for a fun outdoor adventure this summer. Most people love the heat of the summer. But when the heat gets to an extreme level like what the European region went through for the past couple of days, it is safe to say that people no longer want summer to stay.

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With the record-breaking temperature hitting the UK and wildfire spreading across some regions in France and Spain, it is apparent that climate change is real. And it will only get warmer in the coming years if we don’t take the necessary means to try and slow it down. Fortunately, many of us have started making simple lifestyle changes and using eco-friendly decor ideas that are more sustainable.

From an environmental perspective, sustainability is concerned with the resources we take from the Earth and how we use them, with an emphasis on not exhausting what the planet can supply. Many people have changed their way for the earth’s sake on a smaller scale such as reducing straw usage for beverages and replacing plastic bags with reusable shopping bags. As time goes by, these sustainable acts are spreading into various different segments of one’s lifestyle. One of them is furniture and home decor in our homes. Here are some ways that we can do to help the environment, starting from our home.

1. Energy-saving lighting

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Lighting is one of the most important components when we are decorating a room. Not only to provide light to a room when it starts to get dark, but With lighting alone, we can also set the feel and atmosphere of a room. Seeing how important lighting is, we must consider what type of lighting we want in our homes. Since we are most likely will utilize the lighting in our home on a daily basis, energy efficient light bulb is recommended. In this day and age, there are plenty of choices when it comes to lighting style and even the extra function that comes with them. The introduction of smart controls such as light dimmer switches and timers also saves electricity.

2. Vintage Furniture

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Nothing is more environment-friendly than waste reduction and ensuring that an old piece of furniture doesn’t end up in a landfill. If we are considering buying a replacement for our old furniture, might want to hear this. As we all know, the old decor style like mid-century modern becoming more of a trend this year. This called for vintage-styled furniture. Our old furniture might be the one that the decor trend needs. All we have to do is give it a new finish, or repair some parts that needed repairing as long as the damage is not too bad. Or if we are tired of how it looks, you can use the contemporary approach and paint them. There are plenty of inspirations that can help us to renew our old furniture and eventually it still looks attractive.

3. Choose Sustainable Materials

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There is plenty of variety of materials used as the core material in home decor and furniture production. Ranging from something synthetic like plastic to more organic materials such as Bamboo, jute, organic cotton, or cane. Choosing more organic and natural materials will help you in achieving a sustainable home. We also have an article that will show you how natural materials are superior in the article section of our website.

4. Timeless Designs

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Newer design trends and unique, flashy home decor and furniture might catch our eyes when we go to the store. But, not everything new will stand the test of time. If we want to decorate our home to be a sustainable one consider choosing pieces that have more of a timeless design. Timeless designs furniture will look good for a long time in our home. They are also easy to be incorporated into any interior design. The newer trend items might look good at the moment, but when we want to change the look of our home, that piece might no longer suit the new style that we wanted, and we will have to purchase a new piece of furniture. This will lead to furniture waste. If this continues to happen, it means that our homes have not implemented the concept of a sustainable home.

Now climate change is a global issue, and we have to take part to save our environment by a small step each day. Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle are necessary things today. By using natural materials, we are already contributing to reducing global emissions.

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