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Infuse Nature into Your Home

By KOIN Indonesia

Summer is approaching in a few weeks, perhaps some of us already put the blanket and the tight jacket away from our wardrobes. We will spend much time at home and in nature over the summer. Therefore we can infuse the nature atmosphere into our houses. Three elements are essential to infuse nature into our home: organic materials, natural forms, and earthy colors. Here's the explanation of those elements:

Organic Materials

By KOIN Indonesia

Nowadays everything organic is healthier and people always looking for it. By using environmentally friendly materials, we have incorporated a natural atmosphere into our homes. And in that way, we have also contributed to protecting our planet. Organic materials are sustainable materials such as water hyacinth, seagrass, rattan, wood, sisal, and other organic materials that come from the earth. For example, water hyacinth is We suggest minimizing plastic use in our house and using biodegradable materials. Starting with their characteristic scents, organic materials may create a natural ambiance in your house so that it feels like being in a refreshing outdoor area.

Natural Forms

By KOIN Indonesia

What is in your mind if you see a terracotta plate or glass on the table? We might imagine a wonderful dinner in a lodge in the woods. Natural Forms home decor has very irregular lines, organic shapes like hand-formed dishes and cups, and a distinctive wooden spoon will add more of a natural ambiance to our house. The food appears more savory if we pair a hardwood table with terracotta, one of the basic materials used to make plates and glasses. Some research reports that using terracotta as our dinnerware will help you if you have gastrointestinal discomfort or problems. Terracotta's alkaline nature will aid in preserving a balanced pH level in the water. It will aid in reducing acidity and provide you relief from gastrointestinal problems over the long run.

Earthy Colors

By KOIN Indonesia

The last element that is essential is choosing an earthy color. It creates more nature in our homes. It doesn't mean we have to choose an all-natural color such as brown color like a wood color, but we can add more contrast color or the opposite to build a catchy arrangement in our house. In a research journal, Children may better control their emotions, and feel safe and at peace by surrounding themselves with warm, calming natural, and earthy tones. It will increase their creativity when the brain is at ease.

Those are three elements that we might concern about if we want to bring nature into our homes. If you have any inquiries or looking for new suppliers in your furniture or home decor business, please contact us by email at

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