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Japandi Decoration

Japandi is a type of design that is a combination of Scandinavian functionality and Japanese rustic minimalism. This fusion creates the perfect blend of function and form, focusing on clean lines, bright spaces, and light colors. Japandi focuses on minimalistic designs that are aesthetically pleasing yet highly functional.

These six key points are defined by Japandi designs:

  1. Sustainable natural materials like bamboo, rattan, stone, leather

  2. Subdued color palettes are made up of off-whites, warm neutrals, and soft greens.

  3. Clutter-free, organized interiors

  4. Soft, natural light that creates a relaxed, comforting environment

  5. The contrast of light and dark accents

  6. Connected indoor and outdoor spaces


Japandi styles feature beautiful craftsmanship with a focus on quality and handmade pieces over throwaway, cheap structures. Typically, neutral colors that are calming, tranquil, and peaceful are chosen to complement Japandi furniture and accessories.

To decorate in this style, focus on natural materials such as unfinished woods or bamboo pieces that bring in the feeling of nature and simplistic beauty. Reducing clutter is also key to achieving the Japandi style. This design aesthetic focuses on clean lines and open spaces, but if you are struggling to find that minimalist look, you can try “faux minimalism” by utilizing natural containers such as boxes and baskets, built-ins, or folding screens to hide excess stuff and keep your space feeling clutter-free.

Source: KOIN Indonesia

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