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Outdoor and Durable Furniture for your Home

This month, we have a rainy season in Indonesia. Perhaps in your place, the rainy season starts at the beginning of the winter. We might worry if our furniture is exposed to rain, but the most important thing is we should know which materials are tough enough to be placed in outdoor spaces in our home. Furthermore, outdoor furniture also gave an aesthetic look to our home. If you have an outdoor space at your home, you're lucky because you can enjoy your home from the outside. Here are two materials that we think are tough and durable enough for your outdoor space:

Wooden Materials
furniture by KOIN Indonesia

From some sources on the internet, Teak wood is one of the most precious hardwood species on the planet. Teak's unusual beauty, with its golden brown shine, ornamental grain, and unique qualities, has made it one of the world's most sought-after exotic woods. Teak has several applications. When exposed to metals, teak does not deform, split, or become black. Teak is, in fact, the most stunning material on this list. This tropical hardwood is exceptionally resistant to the environment, requires little to no maintenance, and has a lifespan of 75 years or more. Teak is one of the strongest and most durable hardwoods, particularly when exposed to elements such as rain and sunlight. This is due in large part to the teak's high natural oil content and tight wood grain. Those are the reasons why Teak is one of the favorite furniture materials because of its durability to be put outside every season.

Furniture by KOIN Indonesia
Synthetic Rattan

Rattan is considered an alternative to wooden furniture, it's very lightweight and sustainable build a piece of furniture. Sometimes we have to keep it out of the water and from the outside. We recommend putting the rattan furniture inside your home. However, we can use synthetic rattan as an alternative to rattan furniture. Synthetic rattan can be used outdoors and is durable enough in erratic weather such as rainy weather. Combined with iron as the inner frame, synthetic rattan is strong enough to be placed in the garden outside the house or on the terrace of your house. With manufacturing procedures following environmental recommendations, we believe synthetic rattan is eco-friendly and safe enough to be used as our furniture.

Those are our recommendations for you to have outdoor and durable furniture. If you have any inquiries about furniture and home decorations, please contact us by email at And we would like to announce that we will join Ambiente at Messe Frankfurt from the 3rd until the 7th of February 2023. Find us at Hall 10.4 stand B40, hope to see you there!

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