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Simple Fall Decor Transition Tips

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

You might have realized during these last few days how the air felt a little cooler, the skies turned a bit more grey, and how the nights became longer. We just said goodbye to summer and welcomed fall a few days ago. The first day of fall, the Autumnal equinox, fell from Friday, September 23rd until December 21st. Have you prepared your house to welcome the colder season ahead of us? If you haven’t yet, we have gathered some easy ways for you to decorate your home this Fall season.

1. Cozy Up with Texture and Soft Furnishing

If Summer makes you constantly want to go outside, enjoy the sun while doing fun stuff, and engage with any water surface, do not forget how you are always covered in sweat every day, Autumn is here and inviting you to chill down a bit. It's time to prioritize warmth and comfort once more in your space. And what better way to ring in the gloomy season than by bringing out your plush furnishings and adding more texture to your home?

This advice may seem straightforward, but we can assure you that it works to instantly infuse your room with a cozy feeling. Who wouldn't like to curl up on the couch with a heavy blanket and some faux fur furnishings during the winter evenings? Start by covering your furniture with thicker throws, particularly in the living room and seating areas. You may also swap out your rug for a cozier alternative with a thicker texture, such as faux fur carpeting. Layer your space uniquely. To enhance the coziness that is characteristic of the season, add pillows for some extra texture. These layers' softness immediately gives you the impression that cooler fall weather is approaching. Therefore, the more soft, warm surfaces you can add, the better.

2. Embrace Autumnal Hues

Creating a warm theme will instantly transform your home into an autumn wonderland. Deep rich hues like earthy browns, burnt terracotta or honey, and lavish deep crimsons are all ideal for this. By now, you must already be familiar with the colors of autumn. Yes, darker, richer tones are recommended over the garish, zany hues used to decorate for the summer. When in doubt, you can always step outside to get inspiration directly from the environment and get ideas from the colors you notice there.

3. Sub in New Scents and Ambience

When the textures and soft furnishings are not cozy enough, adding a new scent might be the answer to your concern. We are confident that you'll find numerous alternative sources that will fill your house with a selection of enticing aromas and make it smell pleasant, but can they beat the seasonal scent that comes with the Fall season? Aromas that conjure up images of the cooler months of the year include cinnamon, pumpkin, and richer fruits like spice oranges, apple tastes, and clove.

One of the most effective ways to introduce a theme is to have a home that visually and olfactorily evokes autumn. Candles with scents can increase your level of coziness and radiate warmth. Your house may feel so much cozier with the warm glow of a candle, even the unscented ones. Picking out candles that feature autumnal colors will also lend a hand to your decor. Orange hues, reds, yellows, and even greens can be used to easily accent tabletops and other surfaces.

4. Add in Natural Elements of the Season

Arguably, the best and easiest way to bring fall into your home is to use the beauty of nature during this beautiful season. Pumpkins, wheat, pears, apples, and acorns are ready to harvest around this time. Even the leaves are ideal for creating a fall-like atmosphere. Even the leaves are perfect for creating a fall-like atmosphere most naturally.

This understated but endearing approach will give your rooms a sense of outside life while also creating a cozy, secure haven from the frigid weather. Try to coordinate your synthetic color plan with your existing décor and natural color scheme.

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