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Stylish Organization With Baskets

by KOIN Indonesia

Baskets are a versatile piece of home decor that is attractive and come in all shapes, colors, and designs. They can be both decorative and functional. We can easily integrate them into any room in our home. Use these storage basket ideas to stylishly arrange any room.

1. Under Storage

If we have a space under our bathroom counter or cabinet, we can put baskets under there to provide us with more storage space. To add to the room's clean vibe, use baskets that can fit neatly into the unused nook.

2. Clean Countertop

We can avoid cleaning our countertop by adding a storage basket to keep our things tidy, prevent clutter and make future cleaning easier. Choose a low and wide basket to keep all of those random things in order without hiding them from view.

3. Utilizing Wasted Space

The inconvenient space above our cabinets is frequently used only to collect dust. Now is the time to put it to work. We can put the stuff we don't use very often in a storage basket there.

4. Organized Storage

We can add this to our pantry or closet to further manage your storage organization. By separating dry goods into groups in your pantry, we will be able to keep on our supply and locate items faster. Adding a storage basket in our closet can help in keeping the smaller pieces of clothing or accessories from missing their pair.

5. Basket as Decoration


While the baskets, especially if they are natural baskets, are already beautiful on their own, we can still utilize them in so many ways. Use a shallow basket, hang it on your wall, and voila! Now we have wall decor! We can also use our baskets to pot the plants in our house. No need to worry about ugly pots ever again.

We have varieties of baskets design. For more information about our baskets collection, please visit our website and contact us by email at

by KOIN Indonesia

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