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Summer Outdoor Decoration

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

It’s time to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors. There are so many things you can do this summer like having a picnic in the park, a nice long hike through the lush woods, or maybe having alfresco dining with friends under the warm sun. While all of those activities I mentioned are great and all, have you ever thought about doing all of them in your home?

By KOIN Indonesia

But how, you might be wondering. Well, I’m pretty sure that your gardens, backyards, or patios count as a part of your house even though it might not be covered. No matter the size, these outdoor spaces are an extension of your home, and you should put some love to it just like how meticulously you decorated your indoor spaces.

With Easter fast approaching, and summer right behind it, I think right now is the perfect time for you to revamp your outdoor spaces. And we got your back! Here are some add-ons that you can bring to get your outdoor space ready this spring.

1. Bring Colorful Furniture


Outdoor space is allowing us to be more experimental with design and braver with brighter colors. Use your outdoor furniture to give that added burst of color. If you already have a neutral as your color of choice for outdoor furniture, you can easily add a pop of colors with a selection of vibrant cushions.


2. Make A Room Outside


It’s no surprise that we are turning our outdoor spaces into replicas of our living spaces inside. Think of this area as you would an indoor room. Decorating them with a set of sofa and coffee table, maybe a set of dining table for an alfresco mealtime. Adding lighting to the outdoor space is also a key element of a cozy outside area.


3. Fire Pit for Warmth


While the weather during the day is getting warmer, the spring nights can still give you the chills. Adding a fire pit in your backyard surely can help you warm up and keep your toasty conversation going.


4. Outdoor Entertaining with a Bar


If you like entertaining, it is the perfect time to have people over to enjoy the great outdoors with you. Whether it is part of an outdoor kitchen, attached to your house, or its own standalone feature, outdoor bars make entertaining outside a simple and stylish adventure.


5. Add a Pergola


A Pergola is a great addition to your outdoor space. Being able to shade the space during the hottest parts of the day will mean the area is available to use throughout all hours of the day. You can create an area of entertainment, with comfortable furniture with colorful cushions.


What's in your mind if you have to decorate your outdoor space this summer?

Write in the comments section below!

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