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The Bistro Chair

bistro chair
Bistro Set by KOIN Indonesia

When we go to a restaurant, cafe, or coffee shop, one factor that makes us sit there for a long time is the furniture. It can be made of rattan or wood. In this article, we will talk about the bent rattan chair known as the Bistro Chair. One famous chair, the Bistro Chair, was originally designed by Michael Thonet in 1859. With affordable prices and straightforward design, Bistro Chair has sold millions of pieces around the world. Especially when we go to Paris, we will see a lot of Bistro chairs in every cafe. There is one quote is said "When you spend as much time in cafés as I do, you begin to notice that the typical bistro chair is like a snowflake. They are alike, yet no two are the same" - Janice MacLeod, A Paris Year.

rattan bisatro chair with synthetic weaving

Bistro chairs provide a timeless and classic touch to any restaurant's interior or outside décor. Originally used in historic French bistros, these chairs have become popular among restaurant owners trying to create a traditional and fashionable environment. The chairs were designed to be lightweight and movable while staying durable and comfy. When sitting outside on the pavement, they need to be able to be resistant to sunlight, water, and changing temperatures all year. They are not indestructible, however, and thrive in a moderate environment where they may dry out overnight indoors. The combination with synthetic weaving makes the bistro chairs durable enough in every season.

Bistro chairs are ideal for both indoors and outdoors, including kitchens, dining rooms, balconies, and garden terraces. Create a simple elegance and recall the charm of a past period in any room. In conclusion, while looking for the best French Bistro chairs for your place, consider authenticity, quality, design, comfort, durability, and customization choices. By choosing seats that match these requirements, you can create an authentic and beautiful environment for your customers to enjoy. And one more thing, don't forget to do as Parisians do: enjoy your croissant with coffee while sitting in a bistro chair.

rattan bistro chair with wood table
Bistro Chair collection by KOIN Indonesia

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rattan chair
The production process of natural rattan chair at KOIN Indonesia

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