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Warehouse - Tour

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Being in the warehouse is one of my biggest pleasures while working in Koin. Located in a more rural area, about 10 kilometers from the downtown, the air here feels lighter and fresher than in the city. Away from the city, means away from the hustle and bustle of all the busy life entails. The atmosphere here is a lot calmer in the morning and spending some time while enjoying breakfast is a great way to start the day. Moreover, this warehouse is surrounded by ricefields, which are still actively producing and providing the surrounding area with freshly harvested, locally-sourced rice.

We do have a wide-open space where you may do things that you wouldn't be able to do in the workplace. This is where we keep all of our master items and samples that are still in the works. This is also where we display our items. We enjoy putting our products in order and seeing how far we've come. We can observe how trends have evolved, how the quality of our items has improved with each new order that comes in, and which styles have remained popular despite the constant changes and trends.

Besides the spacious area of the warehouse, we also have an indoor space. We have decorated the indoors by putting up all of our latest wall décor collections on the wall and hanging the lampshades on the ceiling for people to see. Some of our basket collections are here too. We put them on a rack so that we have more space below to put our bigger furniture on display, such as a wooden folding chair, a large and comfortable rattan sofa, and some other decor items.

by KOIN Indonesia

While we opted for plain white paint for the majority of the open space and the first-floor indoor space, on the second floor, we painted the walls with the 2022 color trends. To complement the muted green that has been linked to healing and calm, we chose a magnificent peachy color. These colors help to stimulate the brain and increase creativity in our working activity, especially when it comes to product photoshoots that we often have when a new product came.

We can see the entire warehouse from the balcony, just outside the indoor area’s second floor. From the front most of the warehouse to the furthest back. It helps a lot in supervising all of the activities that are happening below from this point. With the wide view angle provided by the height, we can easily spot some things that are hidden or can’t be seen easily from eye level. Especially when the carton boxes are already been stacked and ready to ship.

Here's the link for our warehouse, check it out! :)

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