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The Timeless Teak Wood Furniture

One of the key factors in furniture is durability, then following the unique design that makes it very special. Teak is a coveted tropical hardwood known for its durability, and it is utilized in various applications, including furniture. Since its introduction in the 16th century, teak has become Indonesia's second major export commodity. Indonesia's unique cultural heritage, abundant teak trees, and rise to prominence in the worldwide wooden furniture business, particularly teak wood furniture and teak furniture. Several studies have been conducted on the history of Indonesian teak wood furniture, and the following is a brief review of the historical evolution of Indonesian teak wood furniture or teak furniture.

There are 2 reasons for using teak wood as the material:

The Strongness and longevity

The reason why teak wood furniture is more durable in outdoor is because of its strength and stability. It has great dimensional stability, meaning it doesn't bend, break, or split even when subjected to changing temperatures or humidity. This strength guarantees that teak furniture preserves structural integrity, resulting in comfort and endurance.

Sustainable materials, help to save the environment

The teak wood we use in our furniture is not sourced from wild forests but from legitimate, controlled government agricultural land. Plantation teak is a renewable resource that is grown to ensure a steady supply. When we shipped teak wood furnitures, there will be a certificate that showing the origin of the material. Sustainable procedures guarantee that fresh trees are planted constantly, fostering teak forest regeneration and safeguarding this unique natural resource for decades to come.

The 2 key factors determine the quality of teak wood furniture:

Drying Process


The drying process of teak wood is critical for producing long-lasting furniture. When the drying process reaches its peak, it reduces moisture in the wood. The whole process takes around three weeks and requires careful supervision. The whole of these process should be done slowly to prevent the wood from cracking. To measure the precentage of moisture in the teak wood, we can use digital wood moisture meter, 8-15% is a good amount for teak wood.

Sanding and Finishing Process

Before sanding, the first thing to do is sanding sealer. Sanding sealer is useful for covering wood pores, making sanding easier. Thorough sanding helps contribute to the softness felt while utilizing teak wood furniture. The finishing procedure helps give the wood a bright appearance and makes it more resilient in all weather conditions.

For any inquiries about teak wood furniture please send us an email at

Our minimum order quantity is 1x20 feet container, and can be in mixed items.

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